I got my first Boxer in 1963, while stationed at Shaw AFB, South Carolina. Major, the only "white faced" puppy out of a litter of nine, he lived to be 13 years old and was the first of three "Majors" to grace our home. Major traveled extensively with our family, and even "bootlegged" a 1.5 hour trip to Florida on a USAF aircraft. He was no small Boxer, weighing in at 110 lb.., he was a gentle giant. He would often hang his large forebody over a 40" fence so the little guys on the other side could pet him. Major traveled with us on board the USS United States cruise liner.

During our tour in Germany, I bought a solid black Miniature Schnauzer, applicably named Pepper. After three years in Europe, our family was again stationed in South Carolina in 1970. During the two years in South Carolina, Pepper had two litters. With a stop over in Alabama, we arrived in Hampton, Virginia in the summer of 1973. Later that year, I first met my long time friend and Vet of almost thirty years, Dr. Andy Murphie.

Major II was with us for only a short time. Major II and III had the same sire, different dams. Major III became the "Major" in the family in 1976 and he lived to be 12 years old. Although he was sired of show quality stock and had beautiful flashy fawn markings, due to the busy family schedule, he was never shown or bred. I lost him to cancer in the summer of 1988.

For the next eight years, my business consumed almost all of my time and the family pet was Charlie, a Sun Conure Parrot. On a cold January morning in 1995 all of that changed, as "GiGi I", a natural eared, docked, plain fawn female Rescue Boxer joined our family. She was a wonderful little girl that had been turned out as her previous owner left town. She was very loyal, loving and protective, especially of children that she would instantly "adopt". Although sometimes her behavior left one with the thought that they had just bought a new book and started to read it from the middle of the novel, knowing that there was a reason for some of her behavior, but not knowing quite what it was. GiGi I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in early June 1999, and lived until early July of that year. After the extremely painful experience as the result of her death, there was the question of whether or not to get another Boxer, and if so, how: with another rescue, or with a puppy?

After numerous inquires, and quite a few replies, I received a response from Barry Hendley of JuBar Boxers, in Danville, VA. Barry had a five month old Boxer puppy that he wanted to place in a show home, but if he couldn't, then a good home. After receiving pictures of the puppy, I traveled to Barry's home and in late July of 1999, brought home a beautiful flashy fawn girl, GiGi II, who became "GiGi" in the family and became CH JuBar's Beautiful Princess GiGi, our first champion.

GiGi will form the foundation of ProC Boxers, our new kennel name. My Philosophy is very simple:

I will do my absolute best to produce healthy, happy and sound puppies with good temperaments and conformation. I will be very selective in my breeding practices so as to insure that these ends are met. I will health test before breeding, and provide mother and newborns with the very best of care, nutrition, love and socialization, and will be extremely selective where I place each of my puppies.

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